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5 Most Essential Contract Documents in a Construction Project

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Contract documents are an important set of essentials for any construction project. The construction of any building or civil engineering structure involves multivariate teams and a large number of people coming together. To govern their relationships and ensure the smooth execution of the project, a construction contract is drafted and signed. By definition, a construction … Read more

Role of NCA in the Construction Industry

NCA Role

In this article, we will look at the role played by NCA (National Construction Authority) in the Kenyan construction industry. We will cover its legal establishment, its mandate and the legal instruments that back up its functions. What is NCA? The National Construction Authority (NCA) is a state corporation that was established by an act … Read more

My List of Essentials for a Construction Site Visit

construction site visit essentials

In the construction industry, design, documentation and production happen in disjointed environments. The design team mostly works from the office, while the construction team is based on site. To coordinate the work, monitor progress and exercise professional control, it is essential for the design team to occasionally visit the site to keep tabs on the … Read more

6 Key Global Principles of the EIA Process

key principles of eia

The natural environment is the foundation of the world economy and our social well-being. Past developments have severely degraded the natural environment and wasted/depleted scarce resources. This has attracted interest globally. Consequently, planning authorities and governments developed approaches to permitting and executing these developments where their possible environmental consequences were to be evaluated and acted … Read more