Nzangi Muimi

6 Strategies for Managing Construction Cash Flow

Construction cash flow management is crucial for both the contracting and consulting sides of the construction business. Every construction business needs cash to pay for their employee expenses, source construction materials, and support the proper management of their projects. To ensure proper construction cash flow management, the following strategies can be adopted:

3 Types of Subcontractors in Construction

subcontractor types construction

There are three universally recognised types of sub-contractors in the construction industry. These are domestic subcontractors, nominated subcontractors and named subcontractors. However, there exists a thin distinguishing line between the named and the nominated sub-contractor. We will be looking at them in more detail in this article. A developer intending to put up a building … Read more

Construction Regulatory Bodies in Kenya

Construction Regulatory Bodies

Construction regulatory bodies fall into four different categories. These categories come up as a result of the multidisciplinary and disjointed nature of the construction industry. There are those regulating the professionals and consultants, contractors and sub-contractors, the quality of materials and workmanship, and those regulating aspects of building design, including approval of developments. Regulation is … Read more