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ARCHICAD Supported IFC File Types

archicad ifc

ArchiCAD is a BIM software that enables the creation of intelligent 3D models of facilities and supports the OpenBIM workflows and IFC based project data exchanges. Graphisoft, the makers of ArchiCAD, agree that they have been publicly contributing to the buildingSMART IFC standards initiative and are part of the OpenBIM community. Why ArchiCAD? In the … Read more

What is IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) in Construction?


IFC is the short form for Industry Foundation Classes. It is the main tool for the implementation of OpenBIM workflows; a collaborative approach to the design, construction and operation of budlings based on open standards. Therefore, IFC is an open file format, that is not controlled by any individual BIM software creators. It is a … Read more

What is OpenBIM?

what is openbim

OpenBIM is the use of open standards to create a digital model of construction that contains continuously updated sources of information concerning the project. It is a multidisciplinary process to create and manage the information model of a construction project based on open formats, independent of the software vendor that manages such data. These open … Read more